This Simple Pearl Arch Entrance, with Ribbon hanging down, makes a nice way to show a starting area entrance, so let's start here with a sample of what can be used for Outdoor Decor
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Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
This page was last updated on: April 16, 2015
Sample of Outdoor Decor
A Topiary Air Filled Arch, on the right,  highlights a path to follow

While Topiary Pedestals below looks nice on an outside stage
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Sky Fliers
Skyfliers are used to highlight a certain area, and come in a variety of looks and sizes.  The Political Star Filled Skyflier on the right has a
Single Cluster and a "Partriotic Sock" hanging down, while others, like the one on the left, have Multiple Clusters of Balloons, with Hanging Ribbon
Multiple Pearl Arches
Aah-Inspiring                           Balloons
The Multiple Pearl Arches on the right, with extra balloons added to the top, can be used to highlight a certain area, such as was done in this Car Commercial
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Sculptured  Lettering
This Sculptured "M", highlighted by Balloon Flowers and Vines, is a perfect way to show the guests where to find the party
Aah-Inspiring             Balloons
Columns can work well outside, if the balloons are downsized to protect them against the heat
Pedestal  Columns
Pedestal Columns allow air to flow around the balloons more freely, and the balloons can be downsized to last longer in the heat
Quad Arches
Various types of Quad Arches can be prepared outside, if the balloons are downsized for the outside elements

On the right, is a Quad Arch
made into a Twisted Arch
                                                          On the bottom is a Quad Arch 
made into Clumps
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Balloon Drops
Normally, we see Balloon Drops inside, but they can also be used outside, as shown in this
Balloon Drop prepared for
a Disneyland Christmas 2008 Parade
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Pearl Arch
Aah-Inspiring                                   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
This page was last updated on: April 16, 2015
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